Fifteen years of experience and in-depth industry knowledge in electronics and mechanics has led to the design and supply high-quality security products and unique security solutions.

Our company has been supplying electronic designs, products and more since 2000.

Our Philosophy

We are dedicated to innovation, not only in the technology we provide but also in the way we conduct business. We believe the values of service and leadership go hand in hand. At our company, we believe as individuals the most success comes when we are of the understanding that we are in service to each other.

Don’t Worry about Security!

At Merena, we believe customer should never have to wonder or worry about the security. We also believe that this security should never come at the cost of convenience.

Our mission

Our mission at Merena is to deliver a high degree of security, convenience, and customization for watch owners all at a fraction of the cost of similar high-end hotel safes. 

Our Service

Merena is hands-on with every client, ensuring personalized service every time. We pride ourselves in the highest standards of customer service that compliment the unique quality of our products.

We are a preferred supplier to many major hotels and independent properties at all levels. We also ship internationally, and handle most of paperwork, making the process effortlessly for you, our dear customer.

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